Monday, August 16, 2010 – 500 Bonus Points for Priority Club Rewards Members

Here is an easy way to earn 500 bonus points for priority club rewards members.

Are you a rewards member of the Priority Club? If you have no idea what is Priority Club, you may want to visit to learn the details. At the Priority Club, you will be rewarded for your hotel stay. If you are an existing Priority Club rewards member, here is a chance where you can earn 500 bonus points by answering some questions. These questions are designed to help members to understand better of Priority Club and its benefits.

Use this link: to see the 1st quiz which contains 3 simple questions. When you finish the quiz, you can earn 100 bonus points.

Use this link: to see the 2nd quiz which also contains 3 questions. The quiz reward is also 100 bonus points.

Visit this web address: to finish the 3rd quiz which has 5 questions. The incentive for this quiz is 300 bonus points.

After successfully finishing these 3 quizzes, you can earn 500 rewards points in total. Only people give correct answers will be rewarded. But don’t worry. If your answer is wrong, you will get a chance to try again. To answer the quiz, you need to enter your Priority Club Rewards member number and your last name first. Make sure you enter the correct information since your rewards points will be directly deposited into your account.

Enjoy the Priority Club Rewards benefits and the 500 bonus points.

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