Monday, August 16, 2010 – US Military Pocket P-38 Can Opener Deal

Check out this US Military Pocket P-38 Can Opener deal at

P38 Can Openers (5-pack) is on sale at The current price is $3.56. This means $0.72 for each p-38 Can Opener. It is not a bad deal at all. The shipping is free too. These Can Openers are very useful tools for your camping or hiking trip. You simply put the P-38 can opener on your keychain or keep it in your pocket and you can use it to open cans easily anywhere you like.

US Military Pocket P-38 Can Opener
Here is an coupon code: BACK2010 which may get you additional 15% off your order.
If you have no idea how to use this P-38 Can Opener, you may want to learn it by watching the following video from youtube.

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