Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free T-Shirt – S1oil.com – Freebie Offer

Here is a freebie offer at http://www.s1oil.com where you can get a free T-shirt by filling out a form with your name, contact address, and your vehicle information. When you sign up for this freebie offer, you need to provide your vehicle year, vehicle make and Vehicle model. This free T-shirt offer may be only good for people living in US, while supplies last.

For your information, www.s1oil.com is an internet dealer of Amsoil synthetic motor oil. At their website, you can also find all the information about Amsoil.

To get your free T-shirt, visit http://s1oil.com and you will see the offer request form on the left hand. This may be a time-limited offer. See their site for details.

Thanks Free S1oil.com T-shirt by thefreebieblogger

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