Tuesday, August 17, 2010

www.neverendingpastabowl.com – Olive Garden Restaurant Promotion

There is a special promotion going on at Olive Garden Restaurant. It is called “Never Ending Pasta Bowl”. The official website for this promotion is www.neverendingpastabowl.com.

According to this website, during this event, customers can order unlimited pasta for only $8.95 per person. Adding additional $2.95, they can get unlimited Roasted Chicken, Italian Sausage or Meatballs as well. Meanwhile Olive Garden restaurants also provide unlimited salad and breadsticks for people who order the pasta combination. When ordering the pasta combination, you can choose your pasta and your sauce. There are 7 types of pasta and 6 types of sauce you can choose from. So in total there are 42 pasta combinations available at this Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion. This special pasta offer is a time-limited offer and for dine-in only. There is no expiration date released on the site though. To learn more information about this Never Ending Pasta Bowl event at Olive Garden restaurants, please visit http://www.neverendingpastabowl.com/.

Is it a good deal? It depends whether you like pasta or not. If pasta is one of your favorite foods, you can enjoy this offer. If it is something that you are not interested in, you just pass.

This Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion sounds like a pasta buffet to me. For $11.90, you can enjoy a pasta buffet at Olive Garden restaurants. Do you think it is a good offer?

What makes me confused is that on the advertisement shown at http://www.neverendingpastabowl.com/, they said “Pricing may vary”. What does it mean?

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