Saturday, February 28, 2009

Columbia Sportswear Men's Ten Trail Fleece Jacket SALE

Columbia Sportswear Men's Ten Trail Fleece jacket is on sale at, where you can save more than 65% on this comfortable jacket at certain size and color. The price starts from $26. FREE super saver shipping.There are 5 colors available. But not all the sizes are available in some color, except RED.

Video Game Rentals Delivered

FREE American Scenic Byway Brochure is a website of the National Scenic Byways Program. Now they are offering American Scenic Byway Brochure for FREE to North American residents. Despite it is described as a Brochure, some people said they got a full-sized book instead. This American Scenic Byway Brochure will be shipped without charge.

Save up to 50% on hotels, put get $10 off!

FREE T-Shirt and sport-event tickets

Bleacher Brother, a new sport social networking site, is running a promotion, where new subscribers to their newsletters will be rewarded for a FREE T-shirt and a possible FREE tickets to some local sport-events. The rewards will be sent by mail.
Click here to go to and see the offer on the right upper corner.
If you are a Firefox user and have difficult to see the registration form, you can try to use Internet Explorer.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Jacket 80% off SALE

Kenneth Cole is a famous brand for Men clothes, shoes and accessories.
Here is a SALE of Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Jackets running at
Durig the sale, you can save up to 80% on Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Jackets.
The popular models start from $40. If you are a super saver at amazon, you don't need to pay shipping at all.
The sale just begins so that most sizes of these men's jackets are available.

Here are several best sellers of Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Jackets:
Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Soft Shell $40
Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Hipster $40
Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's PNP Poly Fill Jacket $40
Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Faux Shearling Coat $40
Kenneth Cole Reaction Short Wool Hipster $50
Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Systems Jacket $50

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Save 65% on Columbia Men's jacket
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mozart Masterpieces MP3 on SALE

The 99 Most Essential Mozart Masterpieces
is on SALE now at Amazon for $2.99.

Mozart Music is great for people's health, particularly for pregnant woman.
It is believed by many people that Mozart Music can help fetus brain development. So the idea is that if a mother-to-be wants a smarter baby, she should listen to Mozart Music frequently in her pregnancy. But it seems there is no direct scientific evidence to support this conclusion, maybe because it is hard to prove it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FREE Linux 101 Hacks eBook is offering Linux 101 Hacks eBook for FREE download.
You just need to type in the password linuxrocks to begin the FREE download. Linux 101 Hacks is written by Ramesh Natarajan.

"There are total of 101 hacks in this book that will help you build a strong foundation in Linux. All the hacks in this book are explained with appropriate Linux command examples that are easy to follow.

This free eBook contains 12 chapters with total of 140 pages. Hacks mentioned in 6 chapters are based on the articles that I’ve already posted on my blog. Hacks mentioned in rest of the 6 chapters are brand new."---Quoted from

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