Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Free Pay-Per-View Movies – Dish Network

Get two free pay-per-view movies from Dish Network, if you are an existing Dish Network customer who has recently signed up for the Dish Net autopay service.

To see whether you got the two free pay-per-view certificates, visit and log into your account. Check the “My Pay Per View Certificate” section. If you got the free PPVs certificates, they will be shown there. The PPV codes should be certificate 1001 and certificate 1002. You can use these codes to get free pay-per-view movies up to $5.99. Limited movie titles are available. Other restrictions and exclusions apply. The free Pay-per-view offer is only good for limited-time. See the offer in your Dish Network account for details.

To get your free Pay-per-view movies, simply order your PPV online at the dishnetwork website. After choosing your movie title, you should select PPV certificate as the payment method.

Enjoy your free movies and Dish Network autopay services.

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