Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Get a Chipotle BOGO Coupon: Buy One Get One Free Entree

Chipotle is a restaurant franchise specialized in Mexican foods. If you like Mexican foods, you may like Chipotle. Right now Chipotle is running a promotion where you can get a buy one get one free entrée coupon. This BOGO coupon is a mobile coupon which will be delivered to your cell phone. Follow the instructions listed below to get your Chipotle BOGO coupon which will expire on Nov. 30th, 2016. Don’t forget to get your FREE Chipotle gift cards as well, go HERE to find the details.

What you will need to get this offer:
1.       Internet access;
2.       A cell phone which can receive text messages.

How to get a Chipotle buy 1 get 1 free entrée coupon?
1.       Go to this website: https://www.alovestorygame.com/ to play “A Love Story Game”. If you like, you can watch the film first which, in my opinion, is very cute.
2.       Click on the yellow button “Play Now” to access the game. The game is called “Match Ingredients” and it is very easy to play. What you need to do is just to match as many real ingredients as possible within limited time. If you accidently click on the Added flavor or added color card, you will get 5 seconds penalty. After finishing the game, you can request your coupon. The coupon’s availability is not associated with your performance in the game. Even if you lost the game, you still can claim your coupon. The game can be played multiple times but you will only get one Chipotle coupon anyway.
3.       Enter your full name including your first name and last name, your zip code and cell phone number in order to request the Chipotle BOGO free coupon which can only be redeemed once before Nov. 30th, 2016. So if you want to keep it to your own, don’t share it with your friends or family members. If you would like, you can opt in Chipotle’s text message update or email update, but they are optional.

This coupon can be used in any participating US or Canadian Chipotle restaurant and you can use it to buy 1 entrée and get 1 entrée free (up to $10). Do you know you can Chipotle gift cards for FREE, go here to find out more.

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