Monday, May 10, 2010

Xbox 360 Game Deal: Guitar Hero 5 is only $13.42

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Xbox 360 Game Deal: Guitar Hero 5 is only $13.42

Here is a Guitar Hero 5 (Xbox 360) video game deal at Amazon where you can get this fun game for only $13.42. The same game for other game consoles (Nintendo wii, playstation3, playstation2) are also available, but the prices vary. See site for details.

Guitar Hero 5 is a popular video game brought to you by Activision. This video game comes with a bigger selection of sons including 85 songs from 83 artists. Many rock legends are included, for example, Johnny Cash and Carlos Santana.

Guitar Hero 5 for Xbox 360 is regularly priced over $30. This is a deal for people who are Xbox 360 players and want to play Guitar Hero 5.

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