Sunday, February 7, 2010

FREE Golf Club Giveaway: How to Get Your TaylorMade Burner 6-Iron Golf Club for FREE

Do you play golf? Which golf club set do you own now? Nike, Ping or TaylorMade?

If you haven't tried TaylorMade golf clubs, here is a chance where you can give it a try for FREE. TaylorMade is going to give away TaylorMade Burner 6-Iron Golf Club for FREE. This special offer is going to start from 12 AM (pacific time) on Monday Feb. 8, 2010. It is only available for first 20,000 qualified applicants.

To apply for your FREE TaylorMade Burner 6-Iron Golf Club, you need to visit and fill out a short form by answering several questions regarding you and your golf experience. Based on your answers to the screening questions, they will decide whether you are qualified to get the FREE TaylorMade Burner 6-Iron Golf Club. If you are qualified, you can choose from two types of the FREE TaylorMade Burner 6-Iron Golf Club: steel shaft (retail price $87) vs. graphite shaft (retail price $112). Even if you are not qualified, you still can get $10 coupon good for your next purchase at their online store:
Only US residents aged 18 or older are eligible for this TaylorMade special offer. Limit one per person.

To learn more about this TaylorMade special offer, you should visit their website and read the official rule.

Warning: You are going to give away your personal information, for example, your email which may be used by them for commercial purpose. If you are qualified for this FREE Burner 6-Iron Golf Club offer, they will notify your by email within 8 weeks after the end of this offer.

It sounds like a very tempting deal, and it may be worth the hassle to give it a try. Who doesn't like a new Burner 6-Iron Golf Club, particular it is FREE.

FREE TaylorMade Burner 6-Iron Golf Club

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