Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pizza Hut is running $10 pizza promotion

There is a promotion running at Pizaa Hut, the famous Pizza franchise, where you can get any Pizza Hut pizza in any size, any crust and any toppings for just $10. The beauty of this Pizza hut pizza deal is that you don’t need to use any Pizza hut coupons to get the price, so there is no hassle to collect Pizza hut coupons anymore. Most time Pizza hut’s pizza promotion was only applied to their regular pizzas, but this time it also includes Pizza hut’s signature pizza such as Pizza hut’s Meat Lovers and Supreme Pizza. Pizza hut produces delicious pizza, particularly at only 10 bucks, it is a bargain not only for Pizza hut fans but also for any pizza lover. This Pizza hut $10 pizza promotion is only available for limited time. There is no clear indication when this deal is going to expire. So if you want to take advantage of this Pizza hut $10 pizza promotion, you’d better hurry to catch the deal by either ordering at PizzaHut.com or at your local Pizza Hut restaurant. Enjoy your pizza and have a fun.

One thing I don’t’ understand is that in the fine print of this Pizza hut ad, it said “NO double topping”. What does it mean? Then it is not ANY Toppings, right? Also if you want to get the Pizza Hut’s signature crust, Stuffed Crust, you have to pay extra $1. So it is not ANY Crust, right? Anyway, this Pizza Hut $10 pizza offer is still a hot deal. To learn more about this Pizza Hut $10 pizza promotion, you can find details at their website pizzahut.com or ask them at twitter.com/pizzahut.

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